Review: Top Ten BIBKO Reclaimer Videos on YouTube

April 11, 2021

When you need to understand something, there’s nothing quite like a good video. We went looking for the best videos explaining the workings of BIBKO concrete reclaimers, and found that many are already on our concrete reclaiming videos page. But the format of that page doesn’t make it very easy to decide what to watch.

To correct that, we present an informal guide to the top ten BIBKO concrete reclaimer videos on YouTube, rated by a panel consisting of one gray-haired judge with a bit of experience writing about concrete equipment (me). I hope you find it useful.

Rather than using the “countdown” format to force you to read to the end, we’ll start with three videos that I think are hands-down the best concrete reclaimer videos of all reviewed.

1, 2 & 3

The winners would be parts one, two and three of Understanding Concrete Reclaiming: A Three Part Tour of an Installation at a Ready Mix Plant. They may be several years old (2012), but a rather gaunt-looking Owen Blevins was really on his game the day he shot these. You get a tour of a first-rate installation at a new central-mix plant near Lancaster, PA. Short and concise (under 5 minutes each), these videos cover a lot of ground.

4, 5

Numbers four and five on my list are two excellent videos by Jay Robinson, recorded in 2010, in which he does a nice show and tell featuring a BIBKO concrete reclaimer. Episode 15 – Jay Robinson gives us a tour of a BIBKO concrete reclaimer Part 1 of 2 and Ep 21 – BIBKO Concrete Reclaimer Part 2 of 2-the water end of the system, 100% closed loop recycling give you perspective on these machines from one of the most experienced concrete equipment guys in the industry.

6, 7, 8

Number six on the list is an oldie but goodie from seven years back. You’ll see clean, dry aggregate coming out of one end of the reclaimer as the driver washes out into the receiving tray. You’ll also see a BIBKO slurry tank in action with rotating agitators that keep solids suspended. View it at BIBKO 2000 Concrete Reclaimer.

Number seven, only a year old, also is not narrated but has some nice background music, and provides an overhead view of two drivers washing out their trucks into a BIBKO unit simultaneously. It’s at BIBKO Recycling System at Heinz Betonwerk Ingolstadt Germany.

Number eight is five years old and a slow-moving 15 minutes long, but if you are patient you are rewarded with a coherent, if somewhat laconic, narrator’s voice explaining BIBKO reclaimer use and operation. BIBKO Video Readymix Recycling Concrete Reclaimer European Plants.

9, 10

Number nine has no narration and a few captions in French. Artsy camera work can’t make up for a general lack of coherence. At one point, shows Mercedes mixer washing out into ground-level intake. Toward the end, reclaimed aggregate briefly appears coming out of the reclaimer. Could easily be edited from 8:45 to about three minutes. But hey, put it on while you’re eating a tuna sandwich and time will fly. BIBKO Video Readymix Recycling Concrete Reclaimer French Plant.

Finally, I include number ten here because, well, who ever heard of a top nine list? One of the best things about this video is that it’s only 3:27 long. It’s really not bad, it just gives you another overhead view of trucks at the reclaimer as in #7 above. BIBKO Readymix Recycling Plant TBR Stuttgart Germany GFS.