Share Your State’s DOT Position on Process Water

March 16, 2012

Hundreds of you read the post in January titled, State DOT's should let concrete batch plants use process water. Every one of you that commented agreed that there should be some provision from all state DOTs that enables producers to use washout water in the production of fresh concrete. We have been encouraged by several of you to compile a list of states that do and do not allow the use of washout water. This information you provide will be used as part of a larger initiative to inform and educate state DOTs that do not have provisions for the use of washout water in their mix designs. In many states this is a real concern among producers. While this may not be an issue in your state today, it may become one in the not too distant future.

We need your state’s DOT position on the use of washout water. To facilitate the collection of this information, we have set up this web page that will enable information to be submitted anonymously. Please take a minute and give us your state’s DOT position on process water along with some specifics if applicable. This is the first step of many to get some traction on this important issue. Please help us help you.

 If you would like to view the data collected, please be sure to include your email and a link will be sent to you. All of the data collected will also be posted online at They say the longest journey begins with the first step. Thanks for getting involved.