High Production Washout and Reclaiming

June 9, 2022

High Production Concrete Batch Plants are requiring a new generation of matching production concrete reclaimer’s. Concrete Production requires management of return concrete and mixer truck washout. Returning mixer trucks need to be cleaned and loaded faster in order to meet the increasing placement speeds on construction sites.

High Production Concrete Batching is all about speed. How fast can a concrete mixer truck be charged with ingredients for a full load of concrete. Mixer trucks are capable of being staged and charged within 60 seconds allowing for higher volumes of concrete production. With any concrete batch plant, return concrete and washout water is a part of the daily production challenges. Concrete Reclaimer’s have the challenge of being the only piece of concrete equipment with the purpose of separating the concrete ingredients as compared to mixing the ingredients together to formulate concrete.

The process of a concrete reclaimer is a controlled feed of return concrete and washout water to be physically separated into the materials original form. This process must be controlled to obtain the results needed. Over charging a concrete reclaimer will overwhelm the process and have a negative impact on the concrete batch plant.

In order to properly design an appropriate reclaim system, a plant manager must be realistic on the amount of return concrete and washout water they must manage daily. Consideration must also be given to the frequency and use of the reclaimer throughout the day. Finally mixer truck drivers need to have clear access to the reclaimer upon returning to the yard.

Each Concrete Batch Plant facility has its own unique reclaiming and washout needs. Before you start to design a new system, you should model your current production over 14 consecutive days. Spreadsheets are a great tool for this purpose. The model should show you the amount of slurry water you are managing as well as how quickly you are able to get rid of it. In addition you should be able to graph the reclaiming needs and have a broad over view of your reclaiming and washout requirements.