Has anybody done any cost analysis on crushing returned concrete?

October 31, 2019

I recognize that it will vary across the country, but the actual cost to crush the material is what I’m interested in, not the aggregate being reclaimed. I’d like to know the cost per ton that producers pay to crush their returned concrete. I would also like to know how many times the material is handled prior to it leaving your facility when it’s sold. Is it moved during the process by a front end loader and transported more than two times?

To me the most efficient way possible would be to have the material moved once from the track hoe into the crusher, a second time from the stock pile at the end of the crusher to a storage pile, and lastly, loaded onto a truck once it is sold. If anyone has done the math, I’d be interested in knowing how much anyone is costing to the job for the manpower and machines to aid in the process.

A cost to have a crusher come in and process the returned concrete of $3 – $4 per ton doesn’t really give me a sense of the total cost involved. Looking for an education. Any feedback is appreciated, thanks to the group in advance.