Fortrans Poli-Cut

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The Poli-Cut™ pH control system is designed for the concrete polishing, grinding and cutting industries, as well as pre-cast concrete and ready mix companies with low volume water treatment requirements.

This system will neutralize high pH process water and or storm water to meet federal and local regulations concerning discharge of high pH water or storm water. Integra pump ensures automatic circulation and treatment with Fortrans non fouling carbon dioxide injector diffuser.

The Poli-Cut™ System comes complete with

  1. Integral 200-gallon heavy-duty polyethylene tank
  2. Programmable logic controller
  3. Proprietary non-fouling carbon dioxide diffusion injection unit
  4. 2- speed pump – 1500 GPH or 3000 GPH. 5” polyurethane or pneumatic rubber casters
  5. 2” bottom drain valve with 50’ pf 2″ diameter flat hose Alarm light
  6. All NEMA 4X enclosures and fittings.


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